Heritage Title AGENCY, INC.


In response to the new Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act changes that went into effect January 1, 2010, we have instituted a consolidated Settlement Fee of $390.00, which consists of a $250.00 closing fee, $75.00 title search fee, $50.00 courier fees and $15.00 wire fee.  These represent the "usual" fees in a title transaction that we charge to process all aspects of your real estate closing, whether for a purchase, sale or re-finance.

Rates for Title Insurance are set by the State of Florida and can be estimated by using the calculator located at the following site:  http://ratecalculator.fntg.com/default.aspx?brand=fntic

For a more accurate quote that is applicable to your specific transaction, please call us at (941) 727-9299.  We are fully committed to helping you with your real estate transaction while providing you with cost-saving techniques that will save you money.
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